The Portable and durable treadmills in budget

When it comes to indoor cardio, treadmills are an excellent choice, helping burn calories and improve overall fitness for a more active daily life. When purchasing a treadmill, various factors must be considered, including motor type, durability, features, and portability. Most importantly, ensuring the treadmill meets workout requirements and safety concerns is vital. This article aims to compare the most portable and durable treadmills available, helping readers make informed decisions based on budget and workplace needs. Find your perfect fitness companion by exploring the level of portability and specifications of each treadmill in this comprehensive comparison.

 The Sketra Home Run Treadmill

This great model is ideal for the individual who wishes to make their workout more pleasant and effective. Along with providing products of the highest quality and most lasting design, the company has also made the protection of its customers a top concern. Every piece of information can be found explained in depth on the company’s website, and the duration of the warranty is also described in an effective and amazingly detailed manner. This product is not only appealing to the sight in terms of its overall look, but it also impresses in terms of the quality of its motor type and cushioning. In the following specification, we will provide further information that goes into greater depth regarding this model.

Motor Type :   

The Sketra Home Run Treadmill has 1.75 HP continuous and 3.5 HP peak. This excellent model comes with a brushless DC motor which is considered more durable and long-lasting. There are two different kinds of DC motors to choose from.

Brush DC motor: This type of motor has carbon brushes, and when you operate the treadmill, those carbon brushes revolve continually within the motor. Because of this, excessive friction is produced, and as a result, the motor heats up easily, is unable to perform for an extended period of time, and requires a great deal of maintenance.

Brushless DC Motor: The brushless DC motor is a type of motor that operates without the use of carbon brushes; as a result, the motor is able to run for a longer period of time and does not require a significant amount of maintenance. Your treadmill will have a longer lifespan as a result of this, and its performance will be enhanced and more consistent.


Cushioning is another very significant feature that needs to be taken into consideration when shopping for treadmills. A lot of companies neglect this essential section, which puts their customers’ safety at risk. Sketra comprises safety features in all of its treadmill models to protect its customers and assure their comfort. Therefore, with these considerations in mind, Sketra built the Home Run Treadmill, which features a double layer of padded foam cushioning system. This outstanding type of cushioning functions as a compressed system to lessen the impact of pressure placed on joints and to deliver a workout that is both comfortable and kind to joints.

Portability and Mobility:    

The Sketra Home Run Treadmill is an excellent and wise option since it is able to fulfill all of the needs and requirements of the customer. It comes with a vertical folding function that allows them to take up less space and make the treadmill look more fashionable and appealing. Additionally, the white colour of the treadmill is more pleasant on the eyes. In addition to this, it is equipped with wheels for mobility, allowing the users to effortlessly move it from one location to another without exerting any effort.

The weight bearing capacity:

This unique model comes with the max weight bearing capacity 120kg for walking and 100kg for running.

Warranty and  after sales service:

The warranty tenure is offered quite effectively on the website sketra on the home run treadmill there will be a warranty period of 2 years of the motor, 5 years for belt and lifetime for the frame which is quite impressive. The after-sales service is also satisfying they provide service onsite the customer does not have to take the machine to the service engineer the service engineer will come to the customer’s place to provide the service. The Customer is so quite satisfied with the services and installation is also provided at the doorstep by the company after the purchase.


This amazing product is available in a budget-friendly range it comes with the price 28,999 (INR) and also even having a brushless DC motor it is justifying the price pretty well.

Sparnod  STH3000

The Sparnod STH-3000 already has all of its features pre-installed, thus setting it up does not require any assistance of any kind. weight. The appealing treadmill is packed with a wide variety of additional excellent features, which are detailed in the following:


This type has a constant power output of 2.25 HP and a peak output of 4.0 HP. Due to the fact that this model contains a Brush DC motor, it is suitable for continuous use for thirty to forty-five minutes. Individual who wants to maintain their workout lasting for a total of thirty minutes will find that this model is ideal for them.


The type of cushioning is not mentioned on the

Portability and mobility:

With its foldable, space-saving design and built-in transportation wheels, this exercise machine is easy to set up directly anyplace in your home, making it a convenient addition to your regular training routine. If you fold it up, the treadmill riser can even fit under your desk when it’s not in use.

Weight bearing capacity:

The max bearing capacity for this model is 100kg

Warranty and after sales service:

The product comes with the one year warranty and  the after sales policy not mentioned on website .

Model NameMotor TypeContinuous
Running time
Warranty TenureWeight-bearing
Sketra Home Run TreadmillBrushless DC2Hours
 single stretch
2years for motor, 5year belt and life time frame warranty120kg for walking and 100kg for runningDouble layered padded foam cushioning
Sparnod STH3000Brush DC30-45 minutes1Year100kgNot mentioned
FlexpadBrush DC30 – 45 minutes1Year120 kgNot mentioned


It comes with the 26,998 (INR) which is a reasonable price as per its features .

The Flexpad

The flexed comes with the feature of folding and stylish design. The Flexpad is the premier walking surface and foldable treadmill for use in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The upcoming statements will reveal the unique features and specifications of this model.


This high-end product comes equipped with a Brush DC motor that has 1.25 continuous horsepower and 2.5 peak horsepower, and it is this motor’s job to ensure that the machine operates without any problems or jerks. It is possible to utilise it continuously for at least half an hour in a single session.


Not described any on the official website.

Portability and mobility:

This model comes standard with the half folding feature; however, in order for the user to have the fully foldable feature, they will need to remove the hand rails, otherwise, the flex pad will not be able to be folded entirely, and the handrails will come into contact with the surface.

Weight-bearing capacity:

120 kg


It comes with the price 27,999(INR) as per the mentioned on  the website.

Verdict :   

The model home running is winning the game in terms of quality motor durability and getting the information in detail as the website has mentioned all of the features quite nicely. Other models’ details are not properly mentioned on the website, so users have to work harder to get a complete description of those models. Moreover, the warranty tenure offered by the company is quite impressive however other companies have offered just one year and also the cushioning is quite impressive. The chart given below will elaborate the difference in the models in more details.

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