Sketra Vs Powermax Treadmill

sketra vs powermax

There are a variety of options available when selecting a treadmill for the house or gym.

To add to the confusion, it is rarely a question of which is better, but rather which is best for you or your Gym business. Due to the fact that, when compared to one another, different treadmills have distinct qualities.

Our company’s purpose is to assist you in selecting the greatest treadmill, even if Sketra Treadmill is not the best option.

So – Sketra vs. Powermax. Whats the difference?

We’ll break it down for you using a few different categories that include Cushioning, Motor Performance, Control Features, Portability, Onsite support service, Durability, Running Area & Of course, Price

Both companies are ultimately intended to make indoor exercise more pleasurable and simpler. Sketra Treadmills are meant to require minimal maintenance and last for many years whereas Powermax specialises in low-cost cardio equipment.

While running or jogging on a treadmill, cushioning refers to the technology that alleviates stress on the knees and joints. For example, running on hard, rigid paved roads places more stress on the knees and joints than running on sand or soil.

The many types of cushioning systems used by Sketra treadmills to offer cushioning are described below.

A. Padded-Foam Cushioning –

Padded Foam Cushioning System is the least effective cushioning system. This type of cushioning system is intended for individuals who do not suffer from knee or calf problems and who only wish to purchase a treadmill for simple walking or for beginners

B. Springback Cushioning –

Under the running board, numerous springs are inserted in this sort of cushioning system, which helps to compress the running deck and allows the user to run on a pleasant running deck. It is appropriate for individuals with moderate to severe knee or leg discomfort

C. Hydraulic Cushioning –

It comprises of a cylinder filled with fluid that is known as the Hydraulic Absorber. It converts kinetic energy to heat energy

This sort of cushioning system is recommended for treadmills intended for commercial usage because it is the most resilient and long-lasting solution.

Suitable for This is appropriate for people experiencing moderate to severe knee and calf muscular pain.

D. Seven Tier Soft Running Board –

This system has seven layers of orthopedic belt and is used in conjunction with other cushioning systems to deliver the most benefits.

This is used with the Spring back and Hydraulic cushioning systems.

Cushioning/Shock Absorption Technologies used in Powermax Treadmills. The following cushioning technologies are utilised by Powermax treadmills:

A Comfort Tech 6 Point damping system –

Memory Foam is inserted beneath the running deck of this sort of cushioning system, which functions similarly to shoes. Suitable for – individuals with mild foot or knee discomfort

B 6 Cylinder PowerFlex Adaptive Cushioning System –

This type of shock absorption uses six cylinders to lessen impact on the knees and joints. Suitable for – Moderate Pain in knees or legs

Both Brands offer a variety of Technologies to reduce impact and pressure on the knees and feet, but Sketra’s cushioning system is superior and more durable as well

Motor is also known as the heart of the treadmill, hence it is the most vital component of a treadmill. Sketra employs the following two types of motors in their treadmills:

A. Brushless DC Motor,  B. Induction AC Motor

Brushless DC Motor –

Brushless or BLDC Motor refers to a motor that lacks the mechanical brushes and commutator of conventional brush motors.
Suitable for – Home usage, Marathon Runner’s

Advantages of Brushless Motor

• Higher Power to Weight Ratio

• Better durability

• Up to six hours of continuous running time

Induction AC Motor –

Asynchronous motors are what we call induction motors because they run slower than their synchronous speed.
Suitable for – Commercial use, Gym use

Advantages of Induction AC Motor
• Tested to operate for up to 72 hours
• Designed for rigorous use in severe situations

Brush DC Motor –

As its name suggests, a Brush DC Motor uses multiple brushes to send electricity to the motor’s windings. This is the simplest type of DC motor.
Suitable for – Low usage up to 45 mins in a single stretch

Advantages of Brush DC Motor
• Easy to fix because it requires no technical expertise.
• Available at low cost

Induction AC Motor –

Induction motors are the most commonly employed Alternating Current motors. Because induction motors always operate at a slower speed than synchronous motors, they are also known as asynchronous motors.
Suitable for – Commercial use, Gym use

Advantages of Induction AC Motor
• Tested to operate up to 12 hours
• Designed for heavy-duty usage

Both brands use AC motors in the commercial segment, and it is up to the consumer to decide which one he or she prefers.

Sketra leads the Motor Performance category because its home treadmills are equipped with Brushless Motors that have been tested to run continuously for longer periods of time and have superior durability.

Running area refers to the portion of a treadmill that is available for jogging, walking, or running. If the user is tall, a treadmill with a larger running area is recommended, and vice versa. Running Area is the second most important aspect of a comfortable treadmill, after cushioning.

The running area of Sketra treadmills ranges from 48×16 inches to 61×23 inches.

The running area of Powermax Treadmills ranges from 43×15 inches to 68×24 inches.

We’re going to call this one a tie.

Because both brands offer multiple treadmills ranging from a low, moderate, to a very large running area, it is very difficult to determine which one is superior in this scenario. Because of this, the user’s preference will ultimately determine who comes out on top.

If a client encounters a problem with the product, Sketra offers prompt onsite support throughout India. The customer need only register the complaint on Sketra’s toll-free number; after registration, complaints are divided into two categories.

A. Wear & Tear, B. Malfunctioning in Parts

A. Wear & Tear Category –

Problems that do not necessitate the replacement of any parts are resolved in as little as three days.

B. Malfunctioning in Parts –

If any parts need to be replaced, it will take no more than 7 days in metro cities, and no more than 15 days in the rest of India.

We are unable to comment on the Powermax Customer Support Policy because we lack relevant information.

Due to a lack of information, a verdict cannot be rendered in this case.

When not in use, the treadmill should be able to be folded up and stored, which is what we mean by portability.

In this instance, we will focus on the Sketra Smart Run Treadmill because it is the most portable treadmill offered by Sketra. Smart Run can be completely folded and stored against a wall or under a couch/bed when not in use.

This Smart Run Treadmill requires no assembly, so after delivery, the user needs only remove the treadmill from its packaging and begin using it. The treadmill does not require a technician for installation.

Powermax has numerous models that are portable, but we will discuss only two: the JogPad-5 and the Urban Trek TD-A3. Both of these models are Powermax’s most portable treadmills.

Sketra is the best at this, as the Sketra Smart Run Treadmill is the most portable treadmill on the market. It is easy to set up and take down, and it can be folded up completely.

Unless there is a major issue, no treadmill buyer should ever have to replace their machine, making treadmill longevity a top priority.

Here are some of the characteristics that make treadmills long-lasting:

  • Belt Type
  • PCB Board/Inverter
  • Motor type
  • Surge Protector to protect from Voltage Fluctuations

Sketra treadmills are built to last forever, so durability is one of the company’s best features.

In order for a user to adjust the treadmill’s speed or incline angle, various control buttons are provided on the treadmill, which are referred to as control features.

Both Brands offer a treadmill with multiple control options, so in this case, we must also declare a tie.

When not in use, the treadmill should be able to be folded up and stored, which is what we mean by portability.

Sketra Home Segment Treadmill prices begin at Rs. 29,000, while Commercial Segment Treadmill prices begin at Rs 83, 000.

Prices for Powermax treadmills in the Home Segment start at Rs15,000, while prices for Powermax treadmills in the Commercial Segment start at Rs70,000.

Powermax has the advantage in this pricing category.

Everyone desires to spend less, but also desires to purchase a treadmill that is of the highest quality. As Brushless motors are more expensive than the brush motors used in Powermax Treadmills, Sketra Treadmills are priced slightly higher than Powermax Treadmills.

If a user spends more on a Sketra Treadmill, they are also getting more value because Sketra Treadmills are more durable and provide more comfort during workouts.

There are many ways in which the two brands are alike. In the end, either one is a great choice for working out at home. Still, the features are different in ways that might make one better for your workout than the other.

Here’s a quick recap to help you decide which brand is right for you.

Use Sketra if:

  • You want to buy a treadmill that has the best cushioning.
  • You want to use the treadmill the way marathon runners do for two to three hours.
  • You are interested in purchasing the treadmill that will last the longest.
  • You want a treadmill that can be completely folded up and doesn’t need any assembly at all.
  • You want quick service Pan India
  • You want to buy a treadmill with a five-year warranty on the motor.
  • You want to buy a treadmill with a risk-free 10 days return/replacement policy.

Use Powermax if:

  • You are interested in purchasing a treadmill at a low cost.
  • You only want to use the treadmill for 30 to 40 minutes at the most.
  • You are interested in purchasing a treadmill from a nearby dealer.
  • You want to buy a treadmill with a lifetime frame warranty

Thinking about giving Sketra try ?  Book a virtual demo now at the comfort of your home.

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